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Non-toxic. ✔️ Clean burning. ✔️ Long lasting.✔️ Highly Fragrant. ✔️
The soy candles that don't suck. Our candles are handcrafted in Charlotte, North Carolina to ensure the best burn & scent payoff.

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Smells great without triggering migraines or asthma! If you’re like me, you grew up not being able to be around candles without them causing headaches/migraines or triggering your asthma. This is the first candle i have found that doesn’t cause either for me. The scent fills my room without being overwhelming. I honestly can’t explain how happy i am with this purchase. The wick is another plus as when you blow it out, there isn’t a thick smokey scent that hangs around in the air.


The Perfect Scent! Love, love love this scent! My husband usually hates fragrances due to allergies, but the light clean spell of this candle does not bother him. This is my 3rd order from this company and have never been let down.


Pretty ~perfect~ candles This candle, as with all the candles I’ve purchased from Pretty Honest Candles is an absolute dream! It burns beautifully and delivers just the right amount of heavenly scent into any room without being overpowering. These candles are also probably great to give away as a gift but I am finding so much trouble parting with them, haha!