Clean Your Vessels

You've burned your candle to the sweet end, now what?!

How to clean your vessels:

Boil water and pour into vessel an inch from top and let sit for a few hours until the surface is solid. 


When the wax is cooled, pop it out the vessel and pull the metal wick holder out. You can place the cooled wax into a wax warmer! Wash out vessel with warm water and soap.

Alternate way to clean the vessel:

Set oven to lowest setting and set candle on baking sheet until melted. Pour melted wax into the trash, DO NOT pour down the sink. Clean out remaining with warm water and soap! 

Removing Labels:

Use nail polish remove or goo-gone to remove residue from the vessel! 

Now your vessel is ready to reuse or recycle! Want to get a discount? Take advantage of our recycling program and send your vessels back to us!